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Crushed Velvet Productions

Smooth, elegant and sultry with an edge.  

Crushed Velvet Productions is the brainchild of Impresario Russell Deason.  His keen eye for talent and desire to foster, develop and promote burgeoning artists are the driving factor behind CVP. 


Crushed Velvet has produces cabaret and showcase productions that feature a variety of artists.   Jazz phenom Kalil Wilson, the duo Pepe and Cheap, The Velvet Variety Cabaret, 2+2 = Cabaret, Larissa Kelloway, Tough As Nails, and collaborations with Martuni's Night Club, Dented Can Cabaret, Piano Fight and Bobby Weinapple to name just a few.

Future projects include Broadway concert showcases, The Velvet Variety Cabaret and a new solo cabaret show for Russell himself.  Russell and CVP are always on the lookout for new aspiring talent.  Use the contact form on this website if you are interested in working wtih a professional producer to smooth the way into performance.  

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